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                      The 2019 Texas Emergency Management Conference

2019 Conference Presentations 

If your 2019  Presentation appears to be missing, please accept our apologies for missing it from the list.  You can email it to me at and I will upload as soon as possible.  Thanks to all the great presenters for their time and dedication in making Texas - Stronger

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A Cry for Help_Identifying Mental Health Emergencies .pdf
A Look Inside A Meteorologists’ Crystal Ball.pdf
Active Shooter Drill (Hospital) - Collaboration and Communication are Critical.pdf
Adaptive Leadership in a Crisis Situation.pdf
ALERRT - After the Smoke is Clear.pdf
ALERRT Program.pdf
Animal Rescue_Part II.pdf
AR VR Just in Time AMBUS Training.pdf
Artificial Intelligence - Bridging Technology with Human Decision-Making in Emergency Management .pdf
Black Swans.pdf
Bomb Making Materials - Awareness Program.pdf
Bridging the Gap_Texas Initial Reentry Assessment Team.pdf
Building Relationships with Fusion Centers - A Guide for Non-Law Enforcement Organizations.pdf
Calling the Troops - When Can Emergency Managers Use Military Resources During Disasters.pdf
CERT - Does this make me a first responder.pdf
CERT in High Schools.pdf
Changing Face of Amateur Radio.pdf
CIS - Technology Operations in 2019.pdf
Citywide Flooding and the Training that Saved Us.pdf
Civil Air Patrol Support .pdf
Communications Unit Updates to Communications.pdf
Communities for Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks.pdf
Community Colleges - Best Practices in Safety and Security.pdf
Create a Culture of Preparedness.pdf
Critical Infrastructure Protection - Leveraging DPS and DHS Resources.pdf
Debris - Tips and Tricks.pdf
Defense Coordinating Element and Defense Support of Civil Authorities.pdf
Demystifying Volunteer Reception Centers - The Community Approach.pdf
Developing an Active Shooter Consequence Management Plan for your Government Facilities.pdf
Developing Direct Relationships Among NWS Staff and EMCs .pdf
Developing Veterinary Medical Support at the Local Level.pdf
Dinghy's to Duckboats.pdf
Disability Taskforce Toolkits and the New Emergency Management System.pdf
Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.pdf
Do More,_by Planning To Do Less_Beyond Jurisdictional Borders.pdf
Dredge and Pipeline Fire.pdf
Drowning in Data_Building Flood Alert Systems After Harvey.pdf
Emergency Response Guidebook .pdf
Emerging UAS Capabilities for Urban Search and Rescue.pdf
FBI - Victim Assistance Program.pdf
FEMA Environmental Compliance Basics for Newly Elected Officials and Emergency Managers.pdf
FEMA Mitigation - After the Bang.pdf
FirstNet Lessons Learned Sierra Wireless May 1 2019.pdf
Flood Protection Plan.pdf
FloodAware - A New NWS Flood Training.pdf
Forecasting the Extreme Event.pdf
Full-Scale Active Shooter Exercise for all First Responders - Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned.pdf
Garbage in - Garbage out.pdf
GLO - Long-term Housing Recovery.pdf
Got Water.pdf
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Overview .pdf
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program - Meeting the Cost Share .pdf
Hurricane Harvey Inland Flooding, Recovery and Debris Issues with New Technologies for the Future.pdf
Identifying and Mitigating Points of Failure.pdf
Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness In Your Missing Person Program.pdf
Insurers and OEM After a Disaster.pdf
Integrating Wildfire Mitigation Into Your Community Risk Reduction Process .pdf
Intelligence Task Force - HCOEM.pdf
Internet Crimes Against Children.pdf
It’s Academic - Working With Universities Can Provide New Insights Into Community Preparedness.pdf
Labor Market Data - Disaster Observations.pdf
LEPCs - Revitalizing and Improving Texas LEPCs for Increased Local Preparedness.pdf
Lessons Learned Supporting the 2018 Texas Hill Country Flooding.pdf
Lessons Learned _San Antonio Reunification Exercise.pdf
Long Term Care - Special Population Inclusion in Exercises.pdf
Managing Expectations for Short-Term and Intermediate Recovery Following Major Disasters.pdf
Maritime Mass Rescue Operations Workshop.pdf
MCEA Resource Management Tool Sheltering.pdf
Mental Health First Aid and Psychological First Aid.pdf
Messaging a 200 Million Tropical Flood With No Name .pdf
Mutual Aid - Public -Private Partnerships - Making the Best out of Bad Situations.pdf
Mutual Aid 2019.pdf
NCBERT Program.pdf
NFIP for Local Leaders .pdf
NFPA 3000 - Standard for an Active Shooter - Hostile Event Response Program.pdf
NIMS National Qualification System (NQS).pdf
Non Hospital Medical Provider Outreach .pdf
NWS - Conveying Weather Information - We Need Your Feedback.pdf
NWS - Review of 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Lessons Learned.pdf
Panel Discussion Slideshow.pdf
Partners in Preparedness Medicaid Managed Care Organizations.pdf
Party of 3.pdf
Passing the Torch.pdf
Pipeline Awareness.pdf
Pipeline Response.pdf
Preparing Your Department For An All-Hazards Response.pdf
Prescribed Fire a Tool for Wildfire Mitigation for Emergency Managers.pdf
Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation.pdf
Railroad Commission of Texas Emergency Response Roles and Mock Emergency Exercise.pdf
Ready Rating Program Advisor - ARC.pdf
Receiver to Giver.pdf
Reducing Complexity _One HMA Application at a Time.pdf
Risk of Risks - Social Vulnerability to Hurricane Disasters.pdf
running the marathon.pdf
Rural Emergency Management - EOCs and their Use in a Rural Environment.pdf
San Marcos Iconic Village Apartment Fire .pdf
School Partnerships are Essential During Disasters.pdf
Serving in the Heart of the Storm .pdf
Shelter Operations - Best Practices in Inclusive Disaster Planning and Response.pdf
Show Me the Money.pdf
Single Audit Affect Your Grant Funding.pdf
Statewide Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Standardization and Response.pdf
Supply Chain Resilience.pdf
Temporary Sheltering and Housing Options.pdf
Texas General Land Office - Hurricane Harvey - Texas at Risk.pdf
Texas General Land Office - Recovery Challenges and Best Practices.pdf
Texas Highway Patrol_Tactical Marine Unit.pdf
Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS).pdf
Texas Mass Fatality Operations Response Team - Utility of the Single-Resource Deployment .pdf
Texas Railroad Commission - Statewide Rule 36.pdf
Texas Search and Rescue - TEXSAR.pdf
Texas Tier II Reports for Emergency Planners.pdf
The 2017 - 2018 Disaster Season Are We Learning Lessons.pdf
The Austin Bombings, from a Fire Perspective.pdf
The Collaboration Cycle - A Review and New Framework.pdf
The Pr$ce of Leadership.pdf
The Ten Commandments of Keeping it Simple.pdf
There's A New General In Town.pdf
TIFMAS Overview 2019.pdf
Tranquil Terminus - Lessons Learned.pdf
TXDOT - Working Together, Building a Communications Site.pdf
Urban Island.pdf
USDA Rural Development Overview.pdf
USGS - Be Water Aware.pdf
Utilizing UAS in Disaster Response_The Way Forward.pdf
VET - Animal Decontamination.pdf
VET - Emergency Animal Sheltering.pdf
VET - Evacuation.pdf
VET - Mission Ready Packages.pdf
Watchtower-NBCERT Program.pdf
WEB 242 Inner Harbor Discharge.pdf
Welcome to the Hat Trick - What do you do when you have to do it all.pdf
What Every Emergency Manager Needs to Know about Individual Assistance.pdf
Who we Are - Railroad Resources.pdf
Who You Gonna Call - Nurses in Emergency Management.pdf
Without a Trace - Loved Ones of Missing Persons Workshop.pdf
Your Jurisdictions Disaster Reimbursement Request.pdf


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