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The Preparedness Update is a monthly briefing from the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) Preparedness Section. The Update alerts Texas’ emergency management community to planning, training and exercise opportunities while providing updates on TDEM preparedness initiatives and activities. If you’ve missed an issue or are new to the Update, you can find past issues at the links below. To receive the Preparedness Update by email, contact Bill Wahlgren.

Archive  Folder

          2016         2017         2018
JAN 2016 Update.pdf JAN 2017 Update.pdf  JAN 2018 Update.pdf
FEB 2016 Update.pdf FEB 2017 Update.pdf  FEB 2018 Update.pdf
MAR 2016 Update.pdf MAR 2017 Update.pdf  MAR 2018 Update.pdf
APR 2016 Update.pdf APR 2017 Update.pdf  APR 2018 Update.pdf
MAY 2016 Update.pdf MAY 2017 Update.pdf  MAY 2018 Update.pdf
JUN 2016 Update.pdf JUN 2017 Update.pdf  
JUL 2016 Update.pdf JUL 2017 Update.pdf  
AUG 2016 Update.pdf Aug 2017 Update.pdf  
SEP 2016 Update.pdf SEP 2017 Update.pdf  
OCT 2016 Update.pdf OCT 2017 Update.pdf  
NOV 2016 Update.pdf Nov 2017 Update.pdf
DEC 2016 Update.pdf 

DEC 2017 Update.pdf  

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