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Important Instructor Information and Resources

Class Closeout Procedures:

When each course has been completed, you will need to send in the following documentation to properly close out the course and issue completion certificates to each student’s transcript on PTO:

  • Within 3 calendar days of course completion, please send us the TCOLE (previously TCLEOSE) course credit form for each commissioned law enforcement officer who wishes TCOLE credit (If TCOLE is not submitted in accordance with this instruction, students will be responsible to self-submit to their own training coordinator). Best if you scan [preferred method] and email or fax them.  Commissioned officers with PIDs may fill out TCOLE forms, or they may submit through their local jurisdiction.  Non-commissioned officers can also submit. If TCOLE is not submitted within the required time, submit the TxDPS TCOLE Late Submission paperwork below, completing Section A (Cause). Submit to your STO with the entire class closeout paperwork.
  • TCOLE Note: If you have not previously completed the Instructor Biosketch Form ETR-109 (below), as mandated by DPS and Education, Training & Research, please do so and forward to the appropriate STO.
  • Within 5 calendar days of course completion, please send the course sign-in sheet, with each student having initialed attendance for each morning and afternoon of the course.  The course manager or lead instructor should indicate in the left hand column for each student whether they passed, failed or did not complete the course (P/F/I for incomplete).  You must also send a student evaluation from each student, and a Course Manager evaluation.  You do not need to send us the student tests, but should keep them for your records – we have had instances where the State Administrative Agency has asked to audit instructor records.  These forms should be sent via regular mail, email or fax, whichever is convenient.
  • Travel documentation is submitted as well with close-out documentation, if applicable.[If TDEM is reimbursing for travel].  If so, each student will sign and indicate a physical address [home or business].  Please have students become familiar with FY 14 Training Travel Policy for Reimbursable courses.

    The Course manager or the Lead Instructor is responsible for submitting ALL documentation to TDEM Training section, to include sign-in sheet, evaluations, student roster, course manager evaluation, TCOLE forms[if applicable], Travel [if applicable]. w Note: Please designate the P/F/I (Pass/Fail/Incomplete) instead of crossing through participants who did not attend and/or finish a course.

    Course Coordination Worksheet (CCW).docx
    Course Coordination Worksheet_G300_Choose a Scenario
    Course Coordination Worksheet_7.2016_G300 Choose a Scenario (pdf version)
    Participant Evaluation Master (5-16).pdf
    Student TCOLE Form (10-13).docx
    Cert Upload Guide.pdf
    Course Manager Evaluation Worksheet (12.9.16)
    Travel / Lodging Policy
    Travel Form NEW.pdf  

    Instructor Biosketch Form ETR-109
    TxDPS TCOLE Late Submission ETR-34
    Name Tents

    TDEM - Training Unit Supervisor
    Paul R. Hahn Jr
    Office: 512-424-2197
    Fax: 512-424-5647

    Training Section Registrar
    Clarence Barrientes
    Office: (512) 424-7844
    Fax: (512) 424-5647

    Training Point of Contact
    Scott Sutherland
    Office:  (512) 424-7197
    Fax:  (512) 424-5647

    SAA Training Assistant
    Rejena Williams
    Office:  (512) 424-2093
    Fax:  (512) 424-5647

    State Training Officer - Regions 2 & 5
    Chris Lickteig
    Office: (512) 424-2195
    Fax: (512) 424-5647

    State Training Officer - Regions 3 & 6
    Raquel Ting
    Office: (512) 424-5985
    Fax: (512) 424-5647 

    State Training Officer
     - Regions 1 & 4
    Jaime Erlandson
    Office: (512) 424-5832
    Fax: (512) 424-5647


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