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In an effort to minimize multiple versions of course materials and to assist with going paperless, we are publishing "G" Course Student materials to assist Instructors. Each Folder will have a link to the  Student Manual.  Instructor Guides, Visuals (PowerPoints), and any supporting documentation, and  testing materials (which must be requested through the State Training Office, and will be sent via separate correspondence):

 Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance


 Instructional Presentation and Evaluations Skills 


 Emergency Operations Center/ICS Interface                     


Recovery from  Disaster -  The Local Government Role        


 Emergency Planning Course


Hazardous Weather and Flooding Preparedness


 Warning Coordination


 Local Volunteer and Donations Management 


 Public Information Officer (PIO) Awareness Course


 Basic Public Information Officer Training                                   


Joint Information System/Joint Information Center Planning for 
Tribal, State and Local Public Information Officers


 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents         


 Local Mitigation Planning Workshop


 Evacuation and Re-Entry Planning Course


 Flood Fight Operations


 Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools


 Mass Fatalities Incident Course 


 Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff - Complex 


 ICS Overview for Executives and Senior Officials


 Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters


 Rapid Needs Assessment


 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions 



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