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Course Description

PER-243 - Primary Screener/Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)

This instructor-led, exercise-based course is designed to train the Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection (PRND) mission using a personal radiation detector (PRD) to perform a preliminary radiological assessment. Responders operate PRDs to detect radiation, verify the radiation alarm, localize the source of radiation, measure the radiation level, and assess the threat status of the situation. Participants employ PRDs to help adjudicate potential threats regarding situations with people, vehicles, packages, and facilities. Additional information regarding PRND operations in maritime environments is available and included as needed.

Sealed radioactive sources are used during drills and practical exercises. These sources are intended to simulate types of radioactive material that may be encountered in the public domain. Course content includes a primary screener’s role in the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture and the National Preparedness Core Capabilities.

Course Objectives:
• Identify the properties of radiation and radiological/nuclear material.
• Recognize the difference between exposure and contamination.
• Practice the concepts of time, distance, and shielding.
• Operate and employ the PRD under simulated field conditions in accordance with the manufacturer operations guide, recommended standard operating procedures, and the PRD Participant Guide.
• Discuss legal considerations when employing a radiation detection device for radiological/nuclear detection missions.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Attendees should be law enforcement and public safety officers who are issued a PRD, and whose duties place them in locations where illicit radiological/nuclear material may be hidden, transported, assembled, and/or employed by terrorist elements.  Primary audience is Law Enforcement, but any discipline utilizing PRD's are encouraged to attend.

Target Audience/Discipline:
Animal Emergency Services, Agricultural Safety, Citizen/Community Volunteer, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Healthcare, Hazardous Materials, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Private Sector/Corporate Security and Safety Professionals, Public Works, Search and Rescue, Transportation Security

It is the responsibility of the jurisdiction to select course participants.

Certificates are issued to attendees upon successful completion of the course. Additionally, CTOS-Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training is authorized by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to offer .07 continuing education units (CEUs) for this course. A letter verifying course completion and CEUs earned will be provided to attendees by contacting CTOS at .

All training and course materials are provided at no cost to eligible participants. Funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency/National Preparedness Directorate (FEMA/NPD) U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Location (Mobile Delivery Request)
Participant Site.

This course complies with ANSI N42.37-2006, “American National Standard for Training Requirements for Homeland Security Purposes Using Radiation Detector Instrumentation for Interdiction and Prevention.”

Enrollment Information:
In order to attend a training class delivered by one of the FEMA/NPD training partners, a request must be submitted to the designated U.S. Department of Homeland Security training point of contact.

Texas POC
Paul R. Hahn Jr.
SAA Training Point of Contact
Texas Division of Emergency Management
Texas Homeland Security
Texas Department of Public Safety
O: 512-424-2039
M: 512-632-5386  

No tuition is charged.
All training and course materials are provided at no cost to eligible participants. Funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency/National Preparedness Directorate U.S. Department of Homeland

Course Specifics

Hours: 7.00
Provider: Counterterrorism Operations Support (CTOS)
Disciplines: Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Law Enforcement
Public Works

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