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Course Description

PER 349 - Primary Screener Backpack Basic Refresher Course (Pilot)

This course is designed to refresh the Primary Screener using a Human Portable Radiation Detector system (backpack) to perform a preliminary radiological assessment. Responders operate backpacks to detect radiation, verify the radiation alarm, localize the source of radiation, measure the radiation level, and assess the threat status of the situation. Participants employ the backpacks to help adjudicate potential threats involving people, vehicles, packages, and facilities
Prerequisites & Other Information:


Course Objectives
• Describe the fundamentals of radiation that apply to primary
• Operate the backpack and personal radiation detector under
simulated field conditions to detect, verify, locate, measure,
and assess the radiation level of unknown radiological materials in
facilities, vehicles, packages, and on people.

Target Audience/Discipline

Law Enforcement, Fire Service,
Hazardous Materials, Private Sector/
Corporate Security and Safety Professionals,
Search and Rescue, Transportation
Security and others performing duties as a primary screener

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 2.00
Provider: Counterterrorism Operations Support (CTOS)
Disciplines: Hazmat
Emergency Management
Fire Service
Law Enforcement
Private Industry

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