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Course Description

PER-270 - Basic Agriculture Emergency Response Training for CBRNE Incidents (AgERT-B)

The Basic Agricultural Emergency Response Training for CBRNE Incidents course is a 32-hour course that provides the responder with an overview of agro terrorism and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or Explosive (CBRNE) hazards, relative to their potential impact upon agricultural resources and the agricultural community. Lectures include response actions, epidemiology, zoonotic diseases, foreign animal diseases, animal restraint and euthanasia, and animal carcass disposal. Hands-on training provides knowledge and skills in selecting and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), conducting decontamination, using survey and monitoring equipment, and preserving the crime scene. The course culminates with a scenario-oriented, task-driven, hands-on practical exercise involving a response to a hazardous event in an agricultural setting.

Course Objectives:
  • Describe agroterrorism and its effects on humans, animals, and the economy
  • Identify CBRNE hazards, relating them to potential agroterrorism
  • Demonstrate knowledge of agricultural-related epidemiology
  • Identify zoonotic diseases that may be used by terrorists
  • Identify FAD that may be used by terrorists
  • Describe response actions for an agroterrorism event, including the role of the responder within the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Describe various methods of animal restraint and euthanasia that may be used in an agricultural CBRNE incident
  • Describe various methods of animal carcass disposal that may be used in an agricultural CBRNE incident
  • Demonstrate how to utilize appropriate PPE in an agricultural CBRNE incident
  • Demonstrate how to perform decontamination procedures in an agricultural CBRNE response
  • Demonstrate how to perform postdecontamination survey and monitoring and perform crime scene preservation

How this course is offered:

Delivered at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL.

Prerequisites & Other Information:

Successful completion of awareness training for CBRNE response through AWR-160 or another Training and Education Division (TED)-certified awareness training program, and successful completion of IS-700.

Registration Information:
Please read
this document about CDP SID information.  When you register for this class, please visit to receive a CDP Student Identification Number.

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 32.00
Provider: Center for Domestic Preparedness
Disciplines: Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Law Enforcement

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