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Course Description

AWR-122-1 - Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts (Train the Trainer)

Recertified 5/13/2019

Course Description

This course focuses on the recognition, prevention, and deterrence of terrorist activity and criminal high-consequence incidents for law enforcement and other public safety professionals (such as investigators, parole or probation officers, public health investigators, EMS, fire service, and others in public safety-related positions).

Course Objectives

  • explain the importance of recognizing, preventing, and deterring terrorist activity.

  • use a baseline knowledge of concepts and terminology associated with terrorist attacks to be better prepared to identify signs of suspicious behavior related to terrorism.

  • describe the strategies, activities, and tactics of terrorist attack planning and implementation in order to recognize indicators of terrorism and interdict or disrupt attacks.

  • evaluate whether materials and makeshift labs are associated with the production of CBRNE agents.

  • judge the authenticity of identification documents (IDs).

  • appropriately act on information that can assist with the prevention and deterrence of terrorism

  • implement prevention and deterrence concepts to enhance their abilities to complete duties in their day-to-day jobs

Mission Areas

  • Prevent

Prerequisites & Other Information:

Participants must be US citizens and have FEMA student identification numbers with them on the first day of class. The NCBRT Training Coordinator can direct you to the website to obtain the FEMA student ID numbers.

Training Certificate issued by:

Louisiana State University Certificate of Completion


Deyvon Cooper

POC Work Phone

State Training Point of Contact :

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 15.00
Provider: NCBRT - LSU
Disciplines: Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Law Enforcement

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