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Course Description

AWR-122-1 - Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts (Train the Trainer)

Verified/Updated 9/20/13

This course trains law enforcement personnel on actions they can take to prevent, deter and respond to terrorist acts. The law enforcement officer is part of the front line defense in preventing and deterring WMD terrorist
incidents where the release of WMD agents is likely to occur because of criminal actions. The nature of law enforcement officers’ daily work environment provides them with an enhanced understanding of the community not shared by
the public. This heightened community awareness provides law enforcement
officers with a unique opportunity to prevent or deter potential WMD terrorist incidents.

The course addresses awareness-level functions associated with WMD recognition, prevention and deterrence applications for law enforcement officers. Subject areas covered in the course include intelligence gathering, threat recognition, community-oriented policing, counterfeit identification detection,
information sharing among agencies and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) agents or materials that can be procured either
legitimately or illegally to produce a WMD.

Professional Disciplines:
Law Enforcement

The target audience for the Train-the-Trainer version of this course is established
trainers/instructors in academies, agencies or departments who are seeking to train participants by teaching the Indirect version of this course using course materials provided by NCBRT.

The Indirect version of this course is commonly delivered as part of in-service or academy training to support continuing education.

This course is not offered in Direct Delivery format.

Contact a NCBRT training coordinator today to schedule this course.

FEMA Regions 6
Meghan Lawson at  1-877-806-7404 or at

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Must be sworn members of a federal, state, county/parish, or municipal law enforcement agency currently assigned and functioning as patrol officers or line supervisors

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 20.00
Provider: NCBRT - LSU
Disciplines: Fire Service
Law Enforcement

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