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Course Description

AWR-118 - Biological Incidents Awareness

Verified/Updated 10/1/2017

This course provides a brief overview of biological incidents that have occurred; biological agents that are naturally occurring, could be accidentally released, or could be used deliberately; the typical course of disease and how that may vary in a deliberate incident; an overview of biological agents as terrorist weapons; and methods of protection from biological agents (with an emphasis on protection using methods and equipment readily available to emergency responders and the general public). 


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- when a biological incident is occurring, recognize some signs that suggest what type and scale of biological incident it might be,
- identify biological diseases that may be present in a biological incident and recognize signs that suggest a biological incident is taking place,
- apply self-protection principles in the event of a biological incident, and
- apply what they have learned in the course to improve their readiness for a biological incident.

How this course is offered:

Offered on site at a location specified by the requesting jurisdiction.  To learn more or schedule a delivery, contact Meghan Lawson at 877-806-7404 or

Prerequisites & Other Information:

Participation in this training program is open to all governmental employees who are responsible for responding to WMD incidents or might otherwise become involved. Specifically, they should be assigned or programmed for assignment to positions where they will develop departmental policies and procedures regarding first-responder actions during biological incidents, or positions where they will develop or deliver training associated with preparing their departments for performing these responsibilities during such incidents. At the time of course enrollment, participants’ agencies’ must verify general prerequisites.

Personnel should meet the following prerequisites to attend this course:

Successful completion of a WMD awareness-level training course.

Assignment to a supervisory position or a position responsible for development and delivery of training focused on responding to a biological incident; or assignment to a supervisory or management position responsible for the development of departmental policies and procedures governing the actions of emergency responders during WMD incidents (only required for participants attending the train-the-trainer format)

In addition, completion of ICS 100 and 200 and IS-700 and 800 is recommended, but not required

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 7.00
Provider: NCBRT - LSU
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Health Care
Law Enforcement
Public Health
Public Safety Communications
Public Works

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