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Course Description

MGT-301 - Command and Response for All Hazards

The Command and Response for All Hazards course is an 8-hour course that provides the responder with an overview of pre-incident planning and response plan development, domestic and international terrorism, chemical, biological, radiological and explosives agents and materials associated with weapons of mass destruction. The responder participates in hands-on practical exercises including interactive scenario discussions where the responders discuss incident response options.

Course Objectives:
  • Identify and describe WMD chemical, biological, and radiological agents and materials
  • Describe the dynamics of the terrorist WMD threat relative to the emergency management cycle
  • Describe incident command, the Incident Command System (ICS), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and National Response Plan (NRP)
  • Identify and describe the complexity of command decisions at a WMD site, the need for vulnerability and risk assessment, course of action development, resource management, planning, and media response
  • Identify the components of a WMD response planning methodology system
  • Describe the various roles and responsibilities assumed during a WMD response and the challenges of coordinating multiple agencies and available resources

How this course is offered:

This course is offered as part of a resident delivery in combination with other courses.  It can also be delivered locally.  If you wish to host this course, contact Rick Schlegel at or 800-480-0929.

Prerequisites & Other Information:

Successful completion of awareness-level training for CBRNE response and successful completion of IS-700

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 8.00
Provider: Center for Domestic Preparedness
Disciplines: Public Health
Public Works
Emergency Management
Fire Service
Public Safety Communications
Health Care
Law Enforcement
Emergency Medical Service
Government Administration

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