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Course Description

HME-IQ - Homemade Explosive

BACKGROUND: HME IQ training is a revolutionary, all hazard system that instructs students on proper response to Home Made Explosive (HME) threats. HME-IQ is REAL DEAL, HANDS-ON TRAINING taught by leading military personnel and responders with years of field experience. Students can expect to learn street smart strategies & tactics not
illustrated in books. HME IQ is a common sense approach to the skills required to safely respond to HME’s. Understanding the chemistry of HME’s will enable the warrior to be fully aware of the hazards. We will describe the protection and detection equipment needed plus best safe practices required to succeed & survive. This two day training will include
hands on detection& identification equipment training.

1. CHEMISTRY of HME & Precursors
2. HazMatIQ - Above The Line/Below The Linea. An overview of the HazMatIQ system
3. Understanding The “Common Sense” Language of HME Science
a. (Covalent, Ionic, Organic, Inorganic, Complex Ions, Binary Compounds, etc...)
4. Why & How things go BOOM!
5. Better Understanding The HME Hazards & Toxicology
a. (Detonation, Deflagration, Flash Point, Molecular Weight, Organic Peroxide, etc.)
6. Surviving Downrange Hazards
a. (Radiation, Fluorine, Corrosives, Chemical Reactions, Flammability
& High-Low O2)
7. The Recognition, Identification & Hazards of HME
8. Recognizing the HME Lab and Safe HME Lab Work Practices
a. (Glassware, Cookware & Hardware)
9. Prioritizing (in an HME Lab Setting)
10. Downrange Street Smart Safe Sampling Techniques

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 30


Prerequisites & Other Information:

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Course Specifics

Hours: 8.00
Provider: Federal Resources
Sponsor: N/A
Disciplines: Hazmat
Elected Official
Law Enforcement
Private Industry
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Government Administration
Public Health
Public Safety Communications
Public Works

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