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Course Description

AUXCOMM - Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOMM) Training

Offering Overview:

This class is designed for auxiliary communicators and groups who volunteer to provide backup radio communications support to public safety agencies. Typically, this includes amateur radio and Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team (REACT) communicators and other types of volunteer communicators.

Volunteer communications operators/groups, using amateur radio, have been providing backup communications to public safety for nearly 100 years. Event planners, public safety officials, and emergency managers at all levels of government utilize their services. Often, amateur radio services have been used when other forms of communications have failed or have been disrupted. Today, nearly all of the states/territories have incorporated some level of participation by amateur radio auxiliary communication operators into their TICPs and SCIPs.

This course focuses on auxiliary communications interoperability, the relationship between the COML and the volunteer, emergency operations center (EOC) etiquette, on-the-air etiquette, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations, auxiliary communications training and planning, and emergency communications deployment. It is intended to supplement and standardize an operator’s experience and knowledge of emergency amateur radio communications in a public safety context.

Prerequisites & Other Information:

Prerequisites for attendance are:

Completion of IS-100.b, IS-200.bIS-700.a, and IS-800.b prior to the workshop
An active FCC amateur radio license (Novice, Technician, General, Advanced and Extra)
Past experience in auxiliary communications
An Affiliation with a Public Safety Agency
A desire to work with COMLs in a NIMS/ICS environment

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 16.00
Provider: Office of Emergency Communications
Sponsor: FEMA
Disciplines: Elected Official
Public Safety Communications
Government Administration
Law Enforcement
Emergency Management

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