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Course Description

AWR-173-W - Information Security Basics

Reviewed/Updated 11/13/13

Course Overview

Information Security Basics is designed to teach entry and mid-level IT workers the technological fundamentals of information security. The goal of this course is to provide trainees some preliminary knowledge of computer security to help in identifying and stopping various cyber threats. In addition to providing an introduction to information assurance, trainees will also learn general concepts (terminologies), an overview of TCP/IP, introductory network security, introductory operating system security, and basic cryptography.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Explain the goals of the information security professional and attackers to include the four basic types of attacks most likely to be encountered.

Explain Confidentiality, Integrity, and access controls as they apply to the Biba Integrity and Bell-LaPuda Confidentiality Models.


Explain the use of a layered architecture model to design and secure a TCP/IP Network.

Identify the common techniques of offensive attacks as well as defensive tactics and appliances available to include wireless vulnerabilities.

Explain the vulnerabilities of current Operating Systems and the solutions to guard against common exploits.

Recognize the different types of cryptographic algorithms and their vulnerabilities to include digital hardware encryption

How this course is offered:

This is an internet-based course that can be accessed at Security Basics.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Participants should have some previous experience in IT administration

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 13.00
Provider: TEEX
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Government Administration
Health Care
Law Enforcement
Public Health
Public Safety Communications
Public Works
Volunteer Organization

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