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Course Description

MGT-300 - Field Force Command and Planning (FFC)

Note: This course was previously known as: Managing Civil Actions in Threat Incidents (MCATI): Command Course (CMD)

Emergency response agencies that handle weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incidents are required to address any civil disturbances that arise as a result of these incidents. These police, fire, social services, and city officials need to be trained and prepared to plan their collaborative response and to understand the principles involved in MCATI. Poor crowd management within the general proximity of a WMD event can easily exacerbate the continued spread of chemical or biological contamination unless non-public safety individuals are prevented from entering and exiting the threat zone. Civil actions in threat incidents are known by a variety of names: riots, civil disturbance, protest. From a small, peaceful assembly to a large, out-of-control, violent confrontation, public safety personnel must be prepared to handle the incident.

This course provides personnel above the line officer with the knowledge to plan and respond to a civil action in an appropriate manner. The modules include topics such as the history of civil disturbance, planning, incident command systems, community and media relations, demonstrator tactics, riot-control agents, legal perspectives, doctrinal concepts, crisis decision making, team tactics, force multipliers, and fire ground tactics. Each module is taught through classroom lecture with exercises integrated throughout (as appropriate), leading up to a practical Command Post Exercise conducted on the last day of training.

Course Objectives:
  • To develop comprehensive strategic and tactical plans for their organizations when preparing for special events, civil disorders, and public assemblages
  • To use a community media, and law enforcement partnership when dealing with civil disorder and threat incidents
  • To recognize various tactics that demostrators use to obstruct traffic, to understand the duties of public safety responders to civil disorders, and to recommend prevention and countermeasures that can be used to undermine the tactics
  • To associate and apply legal principles and applicable case and statutory law to their postions and their departments' mission in planning and executing the management of civil actions in threat incidents
  • To infulence a safe and effective response by recognizing the need for coordinated efforts among all public safety services in a civil disorder threat situation
  • To recognize the importance of using team tactics to control civil disorder situations and develop operational guidelines based on team policyng principles for their respective departments

How this course is offered:

This course is offered as both a resident course or a locally delivered course with a max enrollment of 60. Responders wanting to take the class on an individual basis should select an instance below and submit the application.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
This course is designed for those who are responsible for directing response to a CBRNE incident.

Registration Information:

Step 1

Visit  to register for or retrieve your FEMA SID number. Once you have your FEMA SID continue on to step 2.

Step 2
If this is your first time attending a CDP training course please log on to the CDP’s Training Administration System (CTAS) (link below) using your FEMA SID (above) account login credentials and fill in all required fields.  

Note: If you have in the past completed CDP training it is recommended you revisit CTAS and update your information. If you experience any difficulties during this process please contact our help desk at 866-213-9699. Thank you.

Step 3
State, local and tribal students should complete the Training Course Application (PDF) and Medical Screening Form (PDF), which will be uploaded to  (Pending File). Federal, international and private sector students should read the Private, Federal, & International Sector Training page.

Step 4
The application will be processd through the State Coorinator and forwarded to CDP for processing (Pending Faxed).

Step 5
The State Coordinator will review the application and forward it to the CDP for scheduling.

Confirmation of Scheduled Training Classes:
•State-approved applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail with class dates from their CDP Resident Training Coordinator.
•Approximately two-to-three weeks prior to the approved class dates, the applicant will receive a "Travel Documents" e-mail with instructions to log in to the CDP Training Administration System (CTAS) to retrieve all associated paperwork and travel documents. Note: You will need your FEMA SID number and Password to enter this site.

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 24.00
Provider: Center for Domestic Preparedness
Disciplines: Fire Service
Law Enforcement
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service

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