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Course Description

AWR-174-W - Cyber Ethics

Reviewed/Updated 11/13/13

Course Overview
Cyber Ethics is designed to teach students the proper techniques with which to approach the difficult ethical dilemmas that arise from using the modern Internet. In addition to providing students with the skills to assess future ethical dilemmas for themselves, Cyber Ethics also looks at some of the more pressing concerns related to Internet usage today. Topics covering include privacy, intellectual property, professional codes of ethics, freedom of speech on the Internet, and issues related to ethical hacking.

Course Objectives:
  • Describe the theories of ethics
  • Describe cyber ethics and the unique scenarios that arise from the use of technology in society
  • Describe the concepts of personal and public privacy
  • Describe the data collection and user consent
  • Describe privacy enhancing tools
    Describe privacy laws
    Describe industry self regulation
    Describe intellectual objects and intellectual property
    Apply ownership theory to intellectual property
    Apply copyright laws to intellectual property
    Describe topics relating to the protection of intellectual property
    Describe other violations of intellectual property rights
    Describe the ethical frameworks for varying professions
    Describe ethical considerations of whistle-blowing
    Describe the differences between responsibility, liability, and accountability
    Describe freedom of speech, its scope online, and its abuses
    Discuss the ethical issues associated with spam
    Describe issues surrounding current pornography laws
    Identify instances of hate speech and defamation in online formats
    Describe the impact of software filters on freedom of speech
    Define cybercrime terminology and identify types of cybercrime
    Describe the practice of ethical hacking
    Describe the ethical considerations of online civil disobedience and hackticism
    Describe online stalking, harassment, and other online crimes introduced by cyber technology

How this course is offered:

This is an internet-based course that can be accessed at

Prerequisites & Other Information:
AWR-175 Information Security for Everyone, Web-Based

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 13.00
Provider: TEEX
Disciplines: Public Health
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Public Safety Communications
Public Works
Fire Service
Government Administration
Health Care
Law Enforcement

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