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Course Description

EMS-850 - Ambulance Strike Team/ Medical Task Force Leader Course

Course Overview

Recent large-scale catastrophes and terrorism incidents have demonstrated the need to apply the “Strike Team” concept (an organized group of personnel and equipment applied to an emergency response), first implemented during massive wildfire campaigns, to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response discipline. This course will train EMS personnel in leadership or management positions to serve in the role of Ambulance Strike Team/Medical Task Force Leader.

Participants will be taught to prepare for, respond to, and recover from significant events while functioning in a supervisory role over trained personnel ambulances on Mutual Aid assignments to jurisdictions confronted with large numbers of patients requiring mass care or medical


Course Purpose

The Ambulance Strike Team Leaders Training Program will prepare qualified individuals with the skills and training necessary to lead an Ambulance Strike Team (AST) through the following responsibilities:

1.Assuring the safety and operability of Strike Team personnel and equipment.

2.Coordinating the movement of the personnel and equipment traveling to and returning from an incident.

3.Supervising the operational deployment of the team at the incident, as directed by the Division/Group Supervisor, Operations Section Chief, or Incident Commander.

4.Maintaining familiarity with personnel and equipment operations, including assembly, response, and direct actions of the assigned units, keeping the team accounted for at all times.

5.Contacting appropriate Incident personnel with problems encountered on the incident, including mechanical, operational, or logistical issues.

6.Ensuring vehicles have adequate communications capability.

7.Maintaining effective and positive public relations during the incident.

8.Prior to deployment, determining mission duration, special circumstances, reporting location and contact information.

9.Ensuring completion and submission of ICS documents for timekeeping and Demobilization.

In summary, the AST Leader must have the capability and experience to manage, coordinate, and direct the actions of the ambulance crews at a wide variety of emergency situations. This includes maintaining all required records, and ensuring the logistical needs of all personnel are met during the entire activation of the team.

Prerequisites & Other Information:

To be eligible to attend, participants should have completed:

• ICS-100, 200, 300, 700, 800 or equivalent courses
• 3 Years Supervisory Experience or endorsement by local jurisdiction

Target Audience: This course is designed for personnel from the following disciplines:

•Fire Service (FS)
•Hazardous Material (HazMat)
•Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
•Emergency Management Agency (EMA)
•Public Health (PH)

This course is a flat fee-for-service delivery for up to 36 students, and will be delivered at a location chosen by the hosting jurisdiction.

Course Specifics

Hours: 16.00
Provider: TEEX
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Health Care
Public Health

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