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Course Description

G-205 - Recovery From Disaster: The Local Government Role

Course Details:

This course is the condensed version of the 4-day E0210 resident course. This is normally a 2-day course; however, in time of disaster, it can be shortened for immediate need in training the basics of recovery based on local need and covers the roles and responsibilities of local recovery team members.

Program Area(s):

National Response Framework; Response and Recovery; Tribal; Voluntary Organizations

This course is designed for local government emergency managers, city and county administrators, community planners, building inspectors, public works directors, and directors of responder agencies.

Prerequisites & Other Information:


No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 16.00
Provider: TDEM - Emergency Management Training
Sponsor: TDEM
Disciplines: Education
Elected Official
Emergency Management
Law Enforcement
Public Safety Communications
Public Works
Government Administration
Volunteer Organization
Emergency Medical Service

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