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Course Description

AWR-346 - Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement

This course provides law enforcement personnel with fundamental knowledge regarding two distinct mission spaces related to Radiological/Nuclear threats. The course addresses the Preventive Radiological Nuclear Detection (PRND) mission including program structure, operational modes and federal assets. The response mission area includes an overview of recognition of the threat or incident, protective measures, notifications and securing the incident site during Radiological/Nuclear WMD incident as they relate to law enforcement

The course will be available as instructor-led training and train-the-trainer.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, Participant will be able to:
• Recognize potential radiological/nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threats, domestic and foreign, and understand the consequences of
a radiological/nuclear accident or terrorist incident.
• Identify basic prevention strategies at the global and local level.
• Explain the concepts of ionizing radiation, its sources, properties
and units of measure.
• Describe the potential harm and biological effects caused by ionizing
• Describe the recognition indicators and notification requirements
of a first responder during a radiological/nuclear weapon of mass destruction (WMD) incident.
• Identify and initiate awareness level protective actions at the scene to
reduce radiation exposure and/or contamination to themselves and

Target Audience/Discipline
Law Enforcement

It is the responsibility of the jurisdiction to select course participants.

Participant site

All training and course materials are provided at no cost to eligible

Prerequisites & Other Information:

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 4.00
Provider: Counterterrorism Operations Support (CTOS)
Disciplines: Law Enforcement

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