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Course Description

AWR-126-W - Forensic Epidemiology: Joint Training for Law Enforcement and Public Health Officials

This course has been developed to foster improved coordination of the investigative goals and methods specific to each discipline and to strengthen interdisciplinary collaborative effectiveness in response to future events involving biological or other agents.

Course Objectives:
  • List the main features and responsibilities of a Joint Field Office (JFO), Joint Information Center, and Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • Describe the characteristics and roles of public health and law enforcement
  • Identify and define public health and law enforcement terminology
  • State the objectives of public health during an incident
  • Recall methods used by public health to control disease spread
  • Identify public health activities related to surveillance, reporting, and investigation
  • Describe types and classifications of agents causing diseases
  • Characterize bioterrorism diseases and agents
  • Describe the different catagories of biological agents and likely scenarios for their use
  • Describe the roles of law enforcement and public health in a bioterrorism or other investigation

How this course is offered:

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Prerequisites & Other Information:

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Course Specifics

Hours: 4.00
Provider: West Virginia University
Federal Sponsor
Disciplines: Health Care
Law Enforcement
Public Health
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Government Administration

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