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Course Description

PER-903-1 - Hospital Emergency Response Training (HERT) for Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) Train-the-Trainer (TTT)

The course code has changed.  It was previously CDP-004-06-01.

This train-the-trainer course is designed to provide guidance to hospitals, EMS, health care facilities, and citizens who may become involved in a mass casualty incident as a result of a hazardous material incident (HMI) or WMD event.  Unlike many courses of this nature, the HERT/MCI expands on the Incident Management System (IMS) within the hospital during an emergency response, addresses Chemical Protective Clothing and Equipment (CPC&E) requirements, and present guidance for the design, development, and training of the HERT.  This course prepares the hospital emergency response team to conduct a safe and effective emergency response during a mass casualty incident (MCI).  This is not a hazmat course, although participants must be physically and psychologically fit to wear CPC&E or a Level C ensemble during the training.

This course focuses on the hospital's role outside of the emergency department.  Doctors, nurses, physicians, administrators, security personnel, and other hospital staff who could make up their response team should attend this course.  The course will provide hospitals and health care facilities with all the information and skills they need to go back to their facilities and develop and train their own HERT's.  The HERT/MCI could be presented as a stand-alone program with tabletop scenarios, equipment demonstration, and a simulated response in a 2 1/2- to 3-day format as the L462 course.

NOTE: This course is designed to provide hospitals and health care facilities with the information, training materials, and skills they will need to return to their facilities to develop and train their own HERT's as outlined in the "CDC Recommendations for Civilian Communities Near Chemical Weapons Depots: Guidelines for Medical Preparedness," Federal Register 60, June 27, 1995, OSHA 3152 "Hospitals and Community Emergency Response--What you Need to Know," dated 1997, "OSHA Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers of Victims for Mass Casualty Incidents Involving the Release of Hazardous Substances," dated January 2005, and the Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-8, Subject: National Preparedness, paragraph (2)(d), dated December, 17, 2003.

How this course is offered:

This course is offered as part of course code PP.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Required: Participants must have completed EMI's IS-195, Basic ICS course, (HEICS or an equivalent Basic ICS course), and IS-346, An Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel, before applying for acceptance into this program.  Any hazmat or WMD training at the Awareness or Operations levels under 29 CFR 1910/120 (q)(I) & (II) or the Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) can be used as a substitute for the IS-346, Hazard Materials (HazMat) prerequisits for the course.

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 36.00
Provider: Center for Domestic Preparedness
Federal Sponsor
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Health Care
Public Health

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