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Course Description

PER-348 - Operations Level to Response Radiological/Nuclear Course

This Course is a one day course under development by The Nevada Test Site’s Counter Terrorism Operations Support Program (NTS/CTOS). Will be updated shortly

Scope Statement

This training course is designed for response operations and personnel who may have little or no prior training on radiological/nuclear emergency response. This course will provide an introduction to operations in a radiological/nuclear environment due to incidents with a radiological weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

This course provides first responder personnel with fundamental knowledge regarding mission spaces related to radiological/nuclear threats. The response mission area includes an overview of radiological threat or incident recognition, radiation fundamentals, introduction to radiological instruments, protective measures such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and decontamination: Emergency, Gross, Mass and Technical Decontamination.

Course Objective
The purpose of the Operations Level Response to Radiological/Nuclear WMD, PER 348 course, is to provide response level training to those participants, who in the course of their normal duties could encounter a radiological/nuclear incident.

The course will introduce topics that are relevant to a radiological/nuclear operation.
• Potential Threats
• Radiation Defined
• Types and Properties of Radiation
• Radiation Measurement
• Exposure versus Contamination
• Radiation Instruments
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Decontamination

Prerequisites & Other Information:

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 8.00
Provider: Counterterrorism Operations Support (CTOS)
Disciplines: Public Health
Emergency Management
Law Enforcement
Private Industry
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Public Works
Health Care

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