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Course Description

G-449 - Incident Command System (ICS) Curricula (Train-the-Trainer)

This course prepares participants to deliver EMI's ICS curricula. While ICS 100 and 200 courses are addressed, the major emphasis is on ICS 300 and 400. Please read pre-requisite requirements BEFORE registering for this class.

Target Audience:
Demonstrate a working knowledge of ICS through training and experience. Prior training and experience in adult education.

How this course is offered:

Individuals can register below for class deliveries offered in Austin.

Prerequisites & Other Information:


Participants must have a working knowledge of ICS through experience and training, and be experienced in adult training.  G449 is not an ICS course, but a course on instruction of ICS. Participants should be extremely familiar with ICS and its principles along with all ICS forms, and have both training and experience as adult educators. Review of ICS material prior to attendance is HIGHLY recommended.
Required: IS-100, IS-200, IS-201, ICS-300, ICS-400, IS-700, IS-800, IS-775, G-191 and G-141/G-265 or equivalent. The O-305 All-Hazards Incident Management Team course is recommended. Participants must have taken the EMI, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Fire Academy, or National Wildfire Coordinating Group ICS courses. Other ICS courses must be consistent with the ICS objectives prescribed by the National Incident Management System Integration Center. Participants must have served as Incident Commander, or on Command or General Staff positions on incidents longer than one operational period (and requiring a written incident action plan), and involving multi-agency coordination. Participants must have evidence of formal adult education instructor training.

A complete application package must be faxed or emailed to TDEM at least two weeks prior to the class for acceptance into the class.

The application package must consist of:

• Copies of the requisite training certificates of completion:
  1. IS-100.c
  2. IS-200.b
  3. IS-201 
  4. ICS 300
  5. ICS-400
  6. IS-700.b
  7. IS-800.c
  8. IS-775
  9. G-191
  10. G-141/G-265 or equivalent
• A copy of the certificate/documentation proving the applicant is certified as an instructor or completion certificate for G-265/G-141 or acceptable equivalent.
• A description of the applicants’ experience as Incident Commander or in a command staff or general staff position in a specific incident that required multi-agency coordination, went beyond one operational period and required a written IAP. The narrative needs to provide:
   - A detailed description of the incident(s)
   - The applicants’ roles and responsibilities during the incident
   - The length of time in that position

Resumes and other relevant documentation may be included if desired, but are not required.  All courses and documentation above are required for admission to the course. Exceptions to this are infrequent, but may be considered.  Please contact the State Training Officer at 512-424-5985 or 512-424-2039.

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 34.00
Provider: TDEM - Emergency Management Training
Sponsor: TDEM
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Health Care
Public Works
Public Health
Government Administration
Fire Service
Emergency Medical Service
Public Safety Communications
Law Enforcement

Available Classes

ViewCourse NumberClass NameLocationDatesSeats Available 
View class G-449 Incident Command System (ICS) Curricula (Train-the-Trainer)City of Beaumont EOC
700 Orleans
Beaumont, TX 77701
03/04/2019 - 03/08/2019 13 View Details
View class G-449 Incident Command System (ICS) Curricula (Train-the-Trainer)TDEM Classroom
1033 La Posada Drive
Suite 250
Austin, TX 78752
07/22/2019 - 07/26/2019 12 View Details
Total of 2

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