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Course Description

G-610 - Basic Emergency Management Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of the State of Texas emergency management system and addresses most of the same topics covered in the shorter Public Officials Conference on Emergency Management in considerably greater detail. The workshop also reviews a number of additional topics, including requesting state assistance during an emergency, hazardous materials planning, dealing with special needs populations, emergency management-related grants, availability of surplus property, and others.

Target Audience: This course is intended for mayors, county judges, emergency management coordinators, other emergency management and homeland security personnel, as well as senior members of emergency service departments or volunteers groups that respond to disasters.

How this course is offered:

Individuals can register below for class deliveries offered in Austin. For all other questions please contact the State Training Officers.

Prerequisites & Other Information:

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 16.00
Provider: TDEM - Emergency Management Training
Sponsor: TDEM
Disciplines: Public Works
Health Care
Law Enforcement
Volunteer Organization
Government Administration
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Public Health

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