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Course Description

AWR-103 - Crime Scene Management for CBRNE Incidents (CSM)

Course Overview:
The Crime Scene Management for CBRNE Incidents course provides the emergency responder with an overview of the legal issues surrounding a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or Explosive (CBRNE) crime scene, the types of evidence at a CBRNE incident, and practical exercises utilizing the responder's knowledge in crime scene management. As part of the contact hours for this course, the responder will receive instruction on the laws, regulations, proper guidelines, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Scene Search Protocol process that apply to crime scene management.

- Identify the phases of response to a CBRNE incident and how to identify a CBRNE crime scene.
- Describe legal issues and federal statutes as they pertain to a CBRNE crime scene Identify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety hazards associated with a CBRNE crime scene.
- Identify responsibilities unique to responder' agencies, and an agency's impact at a CBRNE crime scene.
- Recognize how to properly manage a CBRNE crime scene by utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s Crime Scene Search Protocol. - Recognize the resources and responsibilities of the FBI at a CBRNE crime scene.

Target Audience:
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Fire Service
Governmental Administrative
Hazardous Materials
Law Enforcement
Public Health
Public Safety Communications
Public Works

Mission Area and Core Capabilities:

Respond - On-Scene Security and Protection

Prevent - Intelligence and Information Sharing
Prevent - Interdiction and Disruption
Prevent - Screening, Search and Detection
Respond - Planning
Respond - Environmental Response / Health and Safety
Respond - Mass Search and Rescue Operations

Training Certificate

Training Partner's Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites & Other Information:

To be eligible for the course, the student must successfully complete the following course:

AWR-160, WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders.

Continuing Education Credits

The Center for Domestic Preparedness is authorized by IACET to offer 0.8 CEUs for this program. Police Officer Standards and Training (POST), if approved by the student’s state: 8

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 8.00
Provider: Center for Domestic Preparedness
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Government Administration
Health Care
Law Enforcement
Public Health
Public Safety Communications
Public Works

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