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H-100 HazMat Awareness TDEM - Hazmat
H-101 Pipeline Emergencies - Awareness TDEM - Hazmat
H-200 HazMat First Responder Operations TDEM - Hazmat
H-201 Pipeline Emergencies - Operations TDEM - Hazmat
H-202 Pipeline Emergencies - Awareness / Operations TDEM - Hazmat
H-203 Confined Space Safety TDEM - Hazmat
H-204 HazMat First Responder Awareness/Operations TDEM - Hazmat
H-301 HazMat Emergency Response Technician TDEM - Hazmat
H-302 HazMat Refresher Training TDEM - Hazmat
H-303 Pipeline Emergencies - Technician TDEM - Hazmat
H-304 Confined Space Rescue TDEM - Hazmat
H-305 Oil Spill Containment, Protection, and Recovery Tactics (Inland Water) TDEM - Hazmat
H-306 NFPA 1006 Trench Rescue (Non-Certification) TDEM - Hazmat
H-307 NFPA 472 Product Control TDEM - Hazmat
H-401 HazMat Incident Command System TDEM - Hazmat
H-402 NFA Chemistry for Emergency Response TDEM - Hazmat
H-403 National Fire Academy Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices (N0229) TDEM - Hazmat
H-405 Air Monitoring for Hazardous Materials TDEM - Hazmat
H-500 HazMat Technician - Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) Certification TDEM - Hazmat
H-501 NFPA 472 HazMat Technician - Pro-Board Certification TDEM - Hazmat
H-502 NFPA 472 Incident Command, Pro-Board Certification TDEM - Hazmat
H-503 NFPA 1006 2013 Edition Confined Space Rescue Levels I and II Training (Pro-Board Certificates) TDEM - Hazmat
H-504 NFPA 1006 2008 Edition Trench Rescue Levels I and II Pro-Board Certification TDEM - Hazmat
H-505 NFPA 472 Product Control Specialist (Pro-Board Certification) TDEM - Hazmat
H-506 NFPA 472 HazMat Rail Specialist, (Pro-Board Certification) TDEM - Hazmat
H-507 NFPA 472 HazMat Highway Specialist (Pro-Board Certification) TDEM - Hazmat
H-508 NFPA 472 HazMat Intermodal Specialist - (Pro-Board Certification) TDEM - Hazmat
H-509 NFPA 472 HazMat Transportation Specialist - (Pro-Board Certification) TDEM - Hazmat
H-510 NFPA 472 Air Monitoring and Sampling for Hazardous Materials, Pro-Board Certification TDEM - Hazmat
H-511 NFPA 472 HazMat Awareness Pro-Board Certification TDEM - Hazmat
H-512 NFPA 472 HazMat First Responder Operations, Pro-Board Certification TDEM - Hazmat
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